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10 Struggles Only Tall Girls Can Understand

Aimee Rauseo

Posted on October 28 2017

Being tall can have its perks and it’s also one of the requirements of being a runway model. While it is wonderful to be a tall girl and you wouldn’t have it any other way, being tall comes with struggles as well. Sometimes, people are intimated by your height or you’re constantly asked, “how tall are you?”, or people are always pointing out that you are taller than most in the room.

Here are 10 struggles that only tall girls understand.

1. You were always taller than most boys in your class growing up.

2. When wearing heels, you skyrocket above the 6 foot mark.

3. It’s almost an impossibility to wear a one piece swimsuit that fits correctly.

4. People ask you in the store to reach items on top shelves.

5. It’s difficult to find cute kitten heels.

6. You’re usually taller than the guys when going out.

7. You have to scrunch down when taking a group picture with your short friends.

8. People always ask “how tall are you?”

9. Skirts and dresses are much shorter on you then they’re supposed to be.

10. You might have to opt for flats when going out with friends that aren’t as tall as you.

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