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Beginner Nail E-File
Beginner Nail E-File
Beginner Nail E-File
Beginner Nail E-File
Beginner Nail E-File
Beginner Nail E-File

Beginner Nail E-File

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Power: single phase, 110V/60Hz, double insulated
PRM: 3000-13000
Collet type: 2.4mm
Color: Pink

Step 1: Press shaft lock button, unscrew the collet nut anticlockwise (take out the collet nut).
Step 2: Use one bit to insert the hole and make the bit into the hole. Take it out and re-insert it again for several times because the hole is tight when it is made out from factory.
Step 3:Press shaft lock button and tighten the collet clockwise securely. But avoid excess tightening of the collet nut in case of damage in the nut.
Step 4: connect the cord.
Step 5: When using the product to drill your nail, you can adjust the rotating speed by sliding the speed switch.
Step 6: unscrew the nut and change other bits as you do it in step 1~step 3.

Safety Rules:
1. Always unplug the tool when you change accessory/collet or finish using the machine.
2. Do not engage the shaft lock button while the tool is running.
3. Never use a damaged bit.
4. The machine is not waterproof. Please keep away from water. If the machine falls into water, unplug it immediately and do not touch the water.
5. Do not touch the bit or collet after using it because the bit and collet are too hot to be touched by bare hands.
6. Keep dust out of your eyes and lungs by using a protective eyewear or a dust mask.
7. When not used, tool must be stored in a dry place and kept beyond the reach of children.

Package includes:
1 x Electric Pen-Shape Nail Drill Pink
1 x AC adaptor (US standard)
1 x User manual (in English)
1 x 6 Bit set

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