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Malibu Palette

Malibu Palette

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Hey Peaches!

Our fabulous Malibu palette has a slight (Very Slight) misprint of one letter on an eyeshadow shade. Instead of the shade Malibu —-> it’s now Malibe 

Unfortunately, we received this stock with a misprint and we don’t believe in being wasteful. We know that this misprint isn’t ideal so we decided to sell them to you at a very very low cost instead of being wasteful to our planet and throwing the packaging away. 

We will be relaunching the Malibu palette with the correct eyeshadow in the summer. 

Take advantage before we sell out. Only a very limited stock available! 

Let’s totally go to the beach!! 

Use this palette to get a sun lovin’ look that will totally get him to want to take a ride in your Jeep 

9 rad & totally awesome shades 

Bring all your friends time play along with this eyeshadow palette and be anything you want to be! 

Limited Edition!! 

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