5 Ways to Build Your TikTok Account to A Million Followers

5 Ways to Build Your TikTok Account to A Million Followers

Hey Peaches!!


I’ve been getting a lot DMs about how fast I grew my TikTok account so I decided to write a blog post to share some tips with my Peaches on how to build a TikTok following.


By the way, if you have any questions about business, social media, makeup, skincare, fitness or just life. Please DM me and ask! I aim to please!


Okay so let’s get back to building your TikTok account.

Let’s do a miniature backstory; I grew my TikTok following with this strategy in 3 months!! From 75k to one million followers on TikTok. TikTok is a very easy platform to build, it just takes super duper dedication and a strategy.


Backstory over, let’s go!


Here are my 5 tips which was my actual real live strategy to build to one million followers with amazing followers, I love all of you that follow me on TikTok @peachyqueenblog


Tip #1



Consistency is the key to everything and if you know me, then you know I preach that all the time. You must be consistent to win. You can’t practice something every once in awhile and expect to be good. If you were doing literally anything on this planet where you are trying to build a skill or get better at something or learn a new thing, you need to CONSTANTLY do it.


Most of my success with Peachy Queen Cosmetics, my Instagram, my TikTok, my blogging, my coaching and my writing was due to showing up every single day.


So what does consistency look like for TikTok?

It is creating a video every single day. Yes, I know, it’s a lot of work but you don’t have to create every day, just post every day.


Do all your videos for the week on your day off. Save them in drafts and post throughout the week.


Post at the very minimum, once a day. The best would be 3-5 times a day.


Tip #2

Create Create Create


Like I said before, the best would be to post 3-5 times per day.




It gives you a higher chance of reaching the FYP and that helps bring in more followers.


You can also gauge what is working and what isn’t. Do you know how many times I thought a video would do well and it would flop but then some 7 second video with no effect or real reasoning would get over a million views. You never know with TikTok and that’s what’s fun about it.


Just start creating to create. Have fun, be yourself and post a lot.


Tip #3


Start connecting with your audience. Don’t ignore them.


Reply back. Say hello. Reply with a video.


Go live and talk to everyone. They follow you because there’s a high chance they like you so connect with your audience.


Answer their questions by creating more videos. You will see a lot of questions or follow up questions. Make sure you are connecting with those that are interested in your content.


Tip #4

Don’t niche down



Am I telling you the exact opposite of what everyone else says? Yes, I am.


I was told over and over; don’t make videos with makeup and then the next video of toys and then the next video about business. I was told dozens of times to pick one subject and only focus on that. Don’t deviate from that subject.


Well, guess what, I didn’t listen!

With TikTok, you never know what is going to capture an audience. Try all different subjects out. If you have a bunch of interests like I do, then express that in your TikTok account.
If you want to niche down then do it but don’t let anyone tell you the way to success is to stick yourself in a box. Be different than others, be yourself and stop listening to people you wouldn’t want to trade places with.


Tip #5


I was going to make this tip a boring tip of make sure you post at the best times to get highest engagement or use relevant hashtags to your video but no that’s boring and you can find that info on literally any post or video that talks about building your TikTok following.




Stop obsessing with the number of followers you have. Learn to use TikTok as a fun place to create and connect. Forget all the rules and the box everyone says you need to stay in. Do what you want to do. I see so many accounts that are going outside the norm. Trying new things that no one has done and they are very successful. Just go out there, be yourself, post whatever, I mean WHATEVER you want.


When you have fun and get very active on TikTok, the followers will come. Be genuine. Create. Tag the creators you were inspired by. Leave comments on other people’s pages, follow a lot of people you love and block the haters.

If you do all the things I said, you will gain and if you’re not, DM me on Instagram @peachyqueenblog and I will look over your account and tell you why.


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