How to Repair Smudged Mascara on Your Face without Messing Up Your Makeup

How to Repair Smudged Mascara on Your Face without Messing Up Your Makeup

You just finished your makeup look. It’s fabulous, absolutely stunning!  
You created the sharpest wing that can pierce the heart of anyone that looks your way.

Your foundation; FLAWLESS 

Your arms are now as pumped as a bodybuilder from the blending of your eyeshadow. This is the best blend you’ve seen from yourself. 

The transition shade, the blending, the finish, all perfection. All you need to do is now add mascara and you are ready to conquer the world. 

You are applying mascara like a pro. Swiping back and forth, wiggling side to side. Wrapping each lash with the deepest black coat like a warm hug. You’re almost finished, just need to do another light coat.

And then


You barley missed a lash by a 1/4 of a centimeter and it goes onto your face or worse your blended out eyeshadow that you’ve been blended for 15 minutes and your pump still hasn’t gone down. 

Immediately, you get a beauty blender, a makeup wipe, a towel, literally anything nearby to wipe it off.

And then the mistake smears more. Deeper and deeper it buries  into your skin, past your blended eyeshadow, past your flawless finish. It might as well be your new beauty mark. You’re panicking now so you clean the smudge and now you have a tiny spot on your face that is just skin. Your flawless finish is ruined. 

Sad eyes.

Okay, now I’m going to give you a quick and easy tip to fix the dreaded mascara smear next time. 

When you accidentally get mascara on your eyeshadow or face, leave it there. Don’t touch it!

Act as if it doesn’t exist. Treat it as you would if an ex-boyfriend that is sending you “Wyd” texts at 3am. It doesn’t exist. He doesn’t exist. 

Set the timer for 7 minutes. It must be 7 minutes so no cheating. I know you want to clean it off faster but this will save you more time. Wait 7 minutes for it to completely dry. Dry that smudge right onto your beautiful blend. Don’t worry, we have a plan. 

After the long 7 minutes, it’s time for some action. You will get a spoolie or eyebrow brush and you will gently and easily flake it right off with the brush. Gently move your brush back and forth with the lightest touch. Dust that mascara smudge right off. Dust your shoulder off too while you’re at it. 

The dried mascara will flake off with a light brush stroke and no smears or ruining your blending.

It’s like your last horrible relationship, it never happened. It never happened!

Let me know this worked for you by taking a screenshot and posting to your stories. Tag me in your stories @peachyqueenblog




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