Blue Eyeshadow Looks That You Can Wear This Season

Blue Eyeshadow Looks That You Can Wear This Season

Don't let that beautiful blue shade sit there in your eyeshadow palette untouched. Cobalt blue and icy shimmery baby blues don't have to be intimidating. Here are 5 looks that you can pull off this season with all the shades of blue.

Skip the nuetrals and let's dip into some magical blue.

1. Create A Blue Wing

Don't want to do an all over blue eyeshadow look? Start to ease into blue with a blue wing.

You can use an angled eyeliner brush; spray some setting spray or wet your brush and dip into that blue. Create a wing with your eyeshadow, this way you can try all different shades to see what works best for you.

Use a matte shade of blue when creating a wing. Spritz some setting spray and you are blue goddess.

2. Peek-A-Boo Blue Color

Still not ready for a full on blue look? Add a pop of blue in your waterline.

You can try the same technique with wetting your blue matte and applying in your bottom waterline or you could get a blue creamy eyeliner pencil to add that pop. Make sure the eyeliner pencil is creamy and not stiff, you don't want to pull on your waterline and hurt your eye.

A blue shade in your waterline will make your whites of your eye look brighter as well as brightening your eye color.

3. Glam Blue

You don't need to have a special eye color or certain skin tone to wear blue, anyone can pull it off, including YOU!

You can create a look with only shades of blue using a variety of shades blending each shade in or you can use other shades like neutrals and blend out with a pop of blue on top.

Add a shimmery icy blue shade to the inner corner of your eye to give it a glam glow look. 

4. Just Add Glitter

Create a smoky look with black and neutrals or a black classic wing then add some blue glitter of your choice.

Take your everyday look to glam with just a little bit of glitter. Use pressed glitter to create a subtle yet glamours look.

It is best to use your fingertip to apply pressed glitter to your eyelid. Make sure you are using pressed glitter from an eyeshadow palette or cosmetic glitter and not craft glitter. Craft glitter is not safe for your eyes and can cause damage. Use only cosmetic glitter that is safe for placing near your eyes.

You can also use loose glitter and glitter glue which creates the same effect but might last a little longer through the night. 

5. Monochrome Blue

If you are adventourous and want to go all out with the blues, try a monochrome look.

Sweep some vibrant blue across your lids and add a beautiful blue shade of lipstick. Don't have blue lipstick? Thats okay, you can create a blue lipstick with your blue eyeshadow. Carefully scrape a few pieces from your eyeshadow palette to grab the blue pigment. Mix your blue pigment in some clear lipgloss or Vaseline. You can also use your fingertips to add the blue eyeshadow to your lips, seal it with some setting spray.


What blue eyeshadow look will you create today and what is your favorite look?


Team Peachy Queen

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