How to Get On Beauty & Makeup PR Lists

How to Get On Beauty & Makeup PR Lists

This is a question I get A LOT!!

How do I get on PR lists?

How do I get on your PR list?

Being on a brand’s PR list is amazing and it feels good because you know that someone is noticing you and they love what you do. You are recognized PLUS you get all kinds of surprises in the mail. Not bad!

When I post an unboxing, I will get messages asking how they can get on that brand’s PR list. Also, I get many emails and DMs every single day asking to get on Peachy Queen’s PR list.

I am on both sides as a brand and an influencer.

First, I am going to tell you a few things NOT to do when requesting to be placed on a brand’s PR list. These are very common when it comes to influencers applying to be on my PR list.

There are so many things NOT to do that I have to try to narrow it down to few of top mistakes.

  • When requesting PR, make sure you are following and supporting that brand. Do not spam every single brand out there when requesting PR. Follow that brand, like their posts, support them any way possible.


  • Don’t have a private page on your social media platforms. How can we possibly see your content and send you PR if we can’t see anything. PR is not given out as a gift, it is for you to create content with and showcase yourself by reviewing, doing unboxings, tutorials or flatlay photography. Also, make sure you have content. You have no idea how many times people have requested PR and their entire social media pages are pictures of their cat and food. If you want PR from makeup brands, you need to show that you will be creating some type of content with the PR sent to you. Remember, it isn’t a charity or free makeup, it is used as a marketing tool to create content.


  • Do not send messages to brands like this;

Send me makeup.

Can you send me PR.

I want to be on your PR list.

Let’s collab!

How can I get makeup to review?

Do you send out makeup samples for free?

Anything along those lines when approaching brands is unprofessional and rude. My favorite (SARCASM) is when an influencer sends me one of those messages with no links, no Instagram page, no name, NOTHING! I have no clue who emailed that to me. I don’t even know if they create content, if they have a blog, an Instagram. Who are they? I am not going to take time out of my day to ask who they are, what is their Instagram page. I delete those messages immediately.

Okay, so now you know what you shouldn’t do.

Let’s talk about what you should do. How do you get on all these PR lists, how do you collaborate with these brands, how do you get invited to beauty launch events (more on this on another post)?

First, I am going to assume, you have built a following (doesn’t have to be big), you created content, you have a social media presence. Without any of these prerequisites then you should first focus on getting a social media footprint before asking to review products.

  • Create a press kit or media kit. When you approach brands and let them know who you are, it is best to attach a press kit which will have all your info about you. Your picture, your stats, your social media platforms. A snapshot into who you are & what you create. Many times, these brands don’t have time to look up your social media pages or blog, they need all the info right there in the email to be considered.  

How do you get a press kit? There are lots of ways and I will go into more details about how and what needs to be on it in another post. You can create your own on Canva, purchase a template from Creative Marketplace or pay someone to make one for you on Fiverr.

  • Support the brand you are reaching out to. I have received so many messages from people that claim “they love my brand” but they don’t follow me, I have never seen their profile before and a lot of the time, it is just a cut and paste of a pre-written letter they spam all the brands. I once (actually a few times) was sent a message with all the CC of brands attached to the email. They didn’t even hide the fact that they sent one mass email to dozens of brands. This is even more frustrating because when a brand replies to that email, everyone on that was CC’d gets a reply.

Follow and support all the brands you want to be on their PR lists by following, leaving comments, watching their InstaStories. Engage with your favorite brands. Start tagging them in your content that you created. If you used a makeup brand’s product, tag them. Some brands feel differently about tagging but I believe if you used their products, then tag them. How can we know who you are unless you show up.

  • After you have completed the above, you can now contact your favorite brands. Most brands require you contact via email and not DM. DMs get filled up quickly and they might not see all of them. Check their website for their specific PR email address. You don’t want to fill up their customer service email because that can be frustrating, and you might never get a reply since it could go to the wrong person.

Find their PR email and send a personalized message that you didn’t copy and paste from your note section of your phone. Write a thoughtful and honest message to the brand, keep it professional and also short. I have received many messages that are the size of books. It isn’t necessary to draw out the letter. Your content will speak for itself.

Here is an example of a letter that can be sent to a potential brand (I will write to my brand from myself 😊)

Hi Peachy Queen,

My name is Aimee and I am the owner of the Instagram page @peachyqueenblog with over 1 million followers. I have loved and followed Peachy Queen for many years and I absolutely adore your products. My favorite eyeshadow palette is the Pumpkin Spice. I love how you introduce so many themes and colors.

I would love to review and showcase your products on my page through tutorials, unboxings and reviews on my YouTube channel, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook page. I would be honored if your brand would consider me to be on your PR team.

I have attached my press kit as well as social media links below. Thank you very much for your consideration and time. I look forward to hearing from your team.


Aimee Rauseo


As you can see, the letter is professional and to the point. You must be considerate of the brand’s time.

Please do not copy and paste, send each brand a personalized message. After you send the message, you now wait. Do not DM or message if they received the email right away. Wait two weeks with a follow up email to see if they received your message. If you don’t hear from them, try again in a few months after you build up and create more content.

Don’t feel discouraged if a brand says, they aren’t looking for anyone at the moment. Brands get flooded with emails daily especially bigger brands and at some point, they must close their PR list.

Keep creating and supporting the brands because you never know when they will notice you.

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